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Manufacturers and suppliers of Pulsed Magnetic and
Phototherapy Systems
Established 1995
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The therapeutic effect of the application of pulsed magnetic field therapy (PMFT) has at last received world wide recognition, although for a long time many practitioners saw it only as an aid to fracture union. Research has now shown that it has the potential to improve a wide range of conditions, although few understood just how it achieved its effectiveness . Extensive research has since been carried out to determine the mechanism by which this occurs. For the physiotherapist, presented with a wide range of clinical problems, PMFT is an invaluable aid to the clinically based and mobile therapist.


Phototherapy, the use of light to treat a variety of conditions, is not new and has been researched for well over 100 years. It has mainly been confined to ultraviolet wavelengths for its antibacterial properties. With the advent of LASER and Light Emitting Diodes, treatment in the visible spectrum and its fringes has gained credence both from research and through case history reported results.


Manufacturers and suppliers of Pulsed Magnetic and Phototherapy Systems 
Established 1995
 email :
or give us a call on 01433 639084

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